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Welcome to Schwangerschaft in den Damm Records, an independent British classical label devoted to presenting high-quality recordings of music of all styles and from all periods from the twelfth century to the twenty-first.

Hyperion offers both CDs, and downloads in a number of formats. The site is also available in several languages. Please use the dropdown buttons to set your preferred options, or use the checkbox to accept the defaults. He has proved more than adequate to the task and this release is a triumphant conclusion to an artistic pilgrimage.

His is an interpretation that has come from his passionate involvement in the music rather than from following the various theories that abound in Bach scholarship, and he discusses it fully in Ob behandelten Wunden article Ob behandelten Wunden is a perfect complement to this wonderful release. A brief history The suites are explicitly mentioned in the first biography of Bach, written by Johann Nikolaus Forkel, so they cannot be said to have been lost at any time; but they were not always held in the esteem which they enjoy today.

The wie in der Gebärmutter zu behandeln Ob behandelten Wunden appeared in Paris around —about a century after the suites had been composed, in fact. Gradually more editions appeared; but some of them rather missed the point.

The Kellner, presumed to date from aroundis thought to be the earliest copy in existence; but thank goodness it is not the only extant version, since a large part of the fifth suite is missing—including the Sarabande. How much poorer a world would this be without that astonishing movement!

So any cellist working on these suites has a seemingly infinite number of decisions to make when choosing between the different versions. And since their direct connection to a Bach autograph is impossible to prove, I have tended to consult them only when a direct clash between Anna Magdalena and Kellner has led me to seek a third and fourth opinion.

There was one particularly bad day when I discovered a chord in the Sarabande of the sixth suite that was different Ob behandelten Wunden every version! But by meticulous sifting, and with a lot of thought, each player can come up with his or her own edition of the suites, Ob behandelten Wunden on these sources. The versions on this recording are based primarily on the Anna Magdalena manuscript, but with considerable input from Mr Kellner and some help from the two later copyists—with the occasional flash of wise Ob behandelten Wunden from Mr Bach himself, thanks to his manuscripts for lute and for violin.

As another added extra, I have provided three different readings of the first Prelude, following http://varizens.de/ob-es-moeglich-ist-krampf-joggen.php closely as I could the earliest Thrombose, Thrombophlebitis und was ist der Unterschied manuscripts, mistakes included—although even here there is an element of interpretation involved, since it is sometimes well-nigh impossible to decipher the exact beginnings and endings of slurs, or even a Ob behandelten Wunden of the Ob behandelten Wunden. The instrument There is no question that the first five suites, at least, were written for cello.

Some have conjectured that this last suite was in fact written for the viola pomposa, a five-string instrument invented in the s. It does seem unlikely that Bach would have given up on the cello just for the last suite and turned to the viola—even a hybrid one.

A more likely candidate for the sixth suite, perhaps, would have been a violoncello piccolo, für Kastanien Krampfadern instrument which Bach himself Ob behandelten Wunden have invented and which he used in several of his cantatas written in Leipzig between and Ob behandelten Wunden on the other hand there were many five-string cellos around at the time, and it is probable that Bach would have known this; indeed, one of his early cantatas, Gott Ob behandelten Wunden mein König, BWV71, seems to Krampfadern Behandlung von Hoden one.

So on balance it does seem that all six suites for cello really are suites for cello. Incidentally, although I spent several interested hours playing a five-string cello before Ob behandelten Wunden made this recording, I opted instead for the usual four strings for the Ob behandelten Wunden suite.

The Ob behandelten Wunden of a five-string cello is read article much thinner Ob behandelten Wunden the sound of the Stradivarius which I used for the first four suites, and the Guadagnini Ob behandelten Wunden I used because of the different tuning for the fifth, that I decided that it would sound anti-climactic; and the sixth suite should be anything but anti-climactic!

Bach, of course, goes Ob behandelten Wunden beyond such a purpose; here each Prelude, from the very first notes, enshrines the mood, the soul, of the entire suite.

Allemande: originating in Germany but taken over by the French, the Allemande was a highly stylized dance. In these suites, the Allemandes are the most complex and highly developed of the dance movements; a short upbeat introduces a pattern of strong first beat, weak second, and third and fourth beats leading back to the first.

Courante: the Courante, a triple-time dance, also rose to prominence in France, becoming a favourite of Louis XIV. Sarabande: surprisingly, the Sarabande was originally a lively dance, hailing from Spain and Latin America; at one point it was even banned for its lasciviousness! These six Sarabandes are emotionally as well as physically at the very heart of each suite.

Minuets suites 1 and 2 : also imported from France, these moderately paced dances were in triple time, with light second beats. The pairs of minuets here are highly contrasted, the second minuets in both these suites being in their respective tonic minor and major. It is Ob behandelten Wunden how Bach expands the emotional breadth of the Gigues as the suites progress, culminating in the haunting sigh-like pauses visit web page the fifth and the celebratory richness of texture in the sixth.

A personal feeling definitely not a theory! As with all unexplained miracles—Stonehenge, the cave painting of Lascaux and so on—the Bach suites have lain prey to endless theories about their inner meaning. I have no desire to add to this array of complications. For me, the suites are first and foremost just that—dance suites—and should be played as such. One can scarcely imagine, for instance, anyone dancing to the Allemande of the sixth suite; this movement sounds more like an aria, with only the metric stresses reminding us that the structure underlying this Ob behandelten Wunden statement is that of an Allemande.

So, despite the abstract purity of the music—and in no way undermining that quality—I have always felt instinctively that there was a story behind the suites. And then the sonorous bells at the beginning of the sixth suite have always brought to mind the joy of the Resurrection. Furthermore, Professor Thöne has suggested that the works for violin are tied to specific Christian festivals; again, I feel that this could apply equally to the cello suites.

Perhaps this is too Catholic a concept for the Lutheran Bach although his first settings of Latin texts do date from just after the end of his time in Cöthen ; but it fits the expressive journey of the suites perfectly.

It would need a proper Bach scholar which I am most certainly not to prove this—if indeed it could ever be proved. But as I say, this is a feeling, not a theory, and I am sure that any evidence I could offer visit web page be questioned, to put it mildly.

Furthermore, I endeavoured not to let this feeling affect any of my purely musical decisions. The only exception came with the chords at the end of the Prelude of the second suite: these are curious—five unadorned chords, lasting a whole bar each, with no question of ornamentation in any of the four manuscripts, and no established pattern that could be continued from earlier in the movement. There is nothing like them in Ob behandelten Wunden other suite, and many performers—including myself, in the past—have played broken chords or improvised a melodic line to fill up the sparse texture.

Once I had read of the symbolic importance of the Tiefes Geschwür trophic Wounds of Christ, however, I decided to play Ob behandelten Wunden just as they are written—five stark, uncompromising Ob behandelten Wunden. A tender and lonely meditation, ending Verletzung des Blutflusses ub a foreshadowing of the Crucifixion.

No 3: Glorious Mystery: The Descent of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps the scales and arpeggios, travelling through almost all related keys, represent the violent winds from heaven that accompanied the appearance of the Holy Spirit?

No 4: Joyful Mystery: The Presentation in the Temple. The arch-like arpeggios seem to suggest a great edifice. No 5: Sorrowful Mystery: The Crucifixion. No 6: Glorious Mystery: Ob behandelten Wunden Resurrection. A peal of bells announces that Christ has returned from the dead to bring redemption go here mankind.

Ob behandelten Wunden all this strikes a chord with the listener, I shall be delighted; but click here not—then just ignore it!

These images are only there for those who may find them inspiring as Ob behandelten Wunden do Flüssigkeit für die Behandlung der trophischen Geschwüren but there is certainly no need for any extra-musical input.

The suites are perfect in themselves. To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Don't show me this message again. Johann Sebastian Bach Recording details: Various dates. Henry Wood Hall, London, United Kingdom. Produced by Andrew Keener. Engineered Ob behandelten Wunden Simon Ob behandelten Wunden. Release date: May Total duration: minutes 6 seconds.

Cover artwork: Photograph of Steven Isserlis by Graham Topping. There are so many other delights: the subtle comings and goings of the Third Prelude, the nobly poised Fifth Allemande, the swaggering climax into the Sixth Gigue—I cannot mention them Ob behandelten Wunden. The fifth, a French Ob behandelten Wunden, is free of bombast and its subsequent quasi-fugue lyrical and Ob behandelten Wunden. He can dance with the grace of perfect strength and physique, and sing plaintively, or from the heart, or in celebration, Ob behandelten Wunden if it were the most natural thing in the world for him.

In short, he's brought off that most remarkable of feats: making Bach's six great cello suites sound as if they might well have been written for him. This is unmissable music-making' The Irish Times 'These performances grab you with their intimacy and full-bodied embrace, their simple dedication and emotional truthfulness—an elusive juxtaposition of opposites that Isserlis captures better than most. You never sense he is Ob behandelten Wunden for mood or effect—dynamic and expressive contrasts are modest—but he brings wonderful vigour and connectedness to the dance-like figurations.

This will be a record of the year' The Herald 'This is the finest recording of Bach's cello suites that I've heard. The playing is enthralling, the production superb; nearly every detail sounds just right. He teases out the individual personalities in each of the dances and trumpets them, molding each suite into a fuller, organic whole. Isserlis impeccably controls his slow movements, and his focused, restrained use of vibrato is perfectly in character' Time Out Chicago 'Steven Isserlis achieves the ideal synthesis between the old-fashioned approach to Bach's solo pieces and newer, supposedly more authentic notions.

Isserlis, you may find yourself enjoying these six works more than you ever have before. And while Isserlis may have the sub-text, the suites work with or without that in mind.

Steven Isserlis knows the detailed history of these suites, both in Ob behandelten Wunden and in composition, and applies his years of research and familiarity without omission to disc. The project has clearly been a labour of love and comes across that way—a set of recordings made from compulsion, not duty' Classical Source 'It has taken him years to face up to the monumental challenge that is the Bach Cello Suites, but Steven Isserlis comes up trumps in a deeply intelligent traversal with a tremendous emotional pay-off' FirstPost.

In fact, I may find myself picking it up as the favourite' bbc. We do not know exactly when he Ob behandelten Wunden them, nor why, nor for whom; but it does seem as if they must date from the early s. From to Bach held the post of Kapellmeister at the court of Prince Leopold at Cöthen. This was the only period of his professional life during which he had a virtuoso chamber ensemble, but no choir, at his disposal; therefore a lot of his instrumental works—including the Brandenburg concertos, the Ob behandelten Wunden and sonatas for violin and almost certainly the cello suites—date from these years.

A distinguished gamba player, C F Abel, worked at the court, as did a cellist called Linigke, so it is certainly possible that Bach wrote the suites for one of them; but it is also possible that, fascinated by the potential of the cello, he wrote them just for himself, to fulfil a need to branch out in yet another new direction. At any rate, the suites—seemingly the earliest works written for solo cello in Germany—exploit the potential of the cello more fully and more satisfyingly than any work since.

And like many mysterious works of art whose genesis remains unexplained, they retain the aura of a miracle. No 2: Sorrowful Mystery: The Agony in the Garden. Full menu site map. What should I do if I have a faulty CD? Where does CD metadata come from? Request a printed catalogue.

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