Dermatitis bei varicosity

Dermatitis bei varicosity

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When to seek medical advice Your legs may become swollen, especially towards the end Dermatitis bei varicosity the day or after long periods of standing. Varicose veins swollen and enlarged Dermatitis bei varicosity are often visible on the legs. See your GP if you have symptoms of varicose eczema. Your GP will also ask you questions to determine whether you have a problem with the flow of blood in your leg veins, as this is the main cause of varicose eczema.

Your GP may also check the pulse in your feet and may carry out an ankle brachial pressure index ABPI test to see if compression stockings are suitable for you. The ABPI test involves comparing blood pressure readings taken Krampf Creme Gele your ankles and upper arms. You may be referred to a specialist in a die Varizen-Chirurgie auf Füßen hospital for further tests.

If you have varicose veins, you may be referred to a vascular specialist a doctor or surgeon specialising in conditions affecting the blood vessels can talk to you about the treatment options for varicose veins.

Eczema is the name Dermatitis bei varicosity a group of skin conditions that cause dry, irritated skin. Other types of eczema include: Based on. Skip to main content. Skip to main navigation. Your health, your choices. Dermatitis bei varicosity a search term:. Eczema- varicose - Clinical trials. Eczema- varicose - Click. Dermatitis bei varicosity varicose - Treatment.

When to seek medical advice. Other types of eczema. Symptoms of varicose eczema. How helpful is this page? Useful links NHS Choices links Atopic eczema Contact dermatitis Emollients Leg ulcers Topical corticosteroids Varicose veins External links British Association of Dermatologists BAD : venous eczema British Varicose Vein Centre BVVC : varicose veins Circulation Foundation National Eczema Society: gravitational eczema. Keep skin healthy Keep skin healthy in all weathers. Plus common skin conditions and treatments, including acne.

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